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Wired reviews all the newest tech products while digging deeply into stories about technology, businesses, and the forces shaping waves of change in the modern world.    Stay ahead of those waves with important stories and insights from culture and politics to technology and environment.

Toptenreviews.com explains how wired bridges the best of all Information technology magazines for popular audiences.  Wired publishes inspiring articles explaining emerging technologies while not getting bogged down in the details of code or step by step instructions to optimize your super charged linux machine. The broad focus allows readers to put the technology news in to context and follow the businesspeople, revolutionaries, and revolutionary technologies of this exciting time.


Save your hard earned cash before buying the latest techno-dud!  The product review sections give you a great overview of capabilities and shortcomings of the newest devices. Wired magazine will keep you interested with their wide range of content, sidebars, and interesting rants from readers.  It’s a great read for everyone interested in science and current events even the self proclaimed “non-iPhone-owning, almost-thirty female” who wrote a second excellent review.

The magazine is organized into 4 main sections: Rants (which is a great name for letters to the editor), Start, Test, and Play.  Start focuses on general interest technology articles that will grab your interest and whet your appetite for more like this article about 3D printing with Silkworms! Next is the real meat of Wired with product reviews on the latest gadgets to impress your friends.  Take for example this wireless speaker system.  Imagine connecting all of your devices to amazing sound without all the ugly cords.  Pretty amazing right!

wireless speaker Wired Magazine


Finally Play tunes you in to the latest movies, music, books, and games that you need to know about.  Overall This magazine finds all the techno gems and important technology stories hidden by the information overload of modern times.  The words of Wired co-founder Louis Rossetto continue to ring true “the Digital Revolution is whipping through our lives like a Bengali typhoon.”

Click above to ride that typhoon into the future!  10% of all subscriptions bought through our affiliate link are donated to a charity of your choice!  So get a great magazine and help people around the world!

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